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Specialist Elemental Readings


​For those of you who are keen to create their own future, I have crafted four unique readings, which will help you manifest the future you desire.

Air Element:

The Birthday Reading

* Lessons learned

* Predictions for the year ahead

* Creating your future

- Comes with a specially crafted sigil just for you

Fire Element:

The Empath Support Reading

* Sort out of causes

* Align goals with your personal truth

* Creating and manifesting your future

- Comes with a bespoke sigil to etch on a candle for magic

Water Element:

The Twin Flame Reading

* Blocks

* Romantic past lives

* Manifesting the twin

- Comes with personalized candle love spell instructions

Earth Element:

The Manifesting Reading

* Personal blocks

* Individual methods

* Goals and timelines

- Comes with a set of unique affirmations

Available by Video call, phone, email or face to face.

Sent out about four times a year, I do not share you info with third parties, you can unsubscribe at an time.