Tarot and astrology readings for individuals, parties and events


I’ve been psychic my whole life, and have been using Tarot cards since the age of 20.

I use Tarot, astrology, palmistry, clairvoyance, and other methods of divination in my readings. Each reading is completely individual - like you! No two readings are the same.

If you decide to have a reading, try to think what you’d like to find out. Do you want to ask about: Romance, Work, Family, Future, Fertility, ...or anything at all you’d like to talk about.

You could go for a phone reading or an email reading - but if the reading you really want isn’t listed, let me know. We can always create your own reading for you. Shorter, longer, single topic, Skype. Whatever you like - we can arrange it.

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Correspondence Course

Tarot and Psychic Development course - learn to read for yourself.

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Email reading

From £10. Email readings are done every night, so why wait?

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Marylebone Hotel July 2018

Face to face reading

An hour’s reading in person, let’s find out what the future has in store for you!

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Telephone reading

Book your phone reading now! Appointments available most evenings.

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LinkedIn Xmas party 2018

Corporate events

Make your party or event stand out with a psychic!

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Hard Rock Calling 2013

Tarot parties

Book a whole afternoon of pampering readings for you and your friends.

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Got a question?

Get in touch with me personally, I'll be delighted to hear from you.

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What people say

I really have felt good about myself since watching the show again…

- Telephone reading

I left the reading feeling buoyant, and a few of the question marks hanging over my head had definitely been removed. Inbaal is so friendly, I was completely at ease, and the sitting confirmed that my life was going in the right direction. Ive been in a great mood ever since.

- Face to face reading

…Thankyou for your insight…

- Telephone reading

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