Home study course - learn Tarot and Psychic Development

The Tarot and Psychic Development course has started out as a face-to-face course back in 2000, taking in new students 3-4 times a year for about 5 years. Some of the original courses’ graduates are now professional psychics themselves!

The notes and handouts from the original course are now available, with tons of added material, as a Home Study course.

There are six lessons. Each one takes at least two weeks to complete, and is about thirty pages long.

The full course costs £100.

While you’re on the course, you can email for support and get in touch to ask questions as often as you like.

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What people say...

I am finding the course really interesting and enjoying completing the tasks.

I thought ‘no way, but the cards were right!

…Thank you for all your help, comments and helpful hints. It has all helped me to get to where i am today, and i am very grateful.

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