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Launching: The Shadow Reading - Transform Within, Transform Without


For you, who’s been wanting to explore your blocks on a deeper level. For you, who is struggling to maintain an emotional balance. For you, who is uncomfortable about your unexpected triggers and stress responses.

A reading that’s not just a reading (and a package that’s not just a package).

We’ll be looking into your shadow self, with the help of the Tarot, as well as exploring your past via talking. We’ll be devising emotional strategies as well as individual magickal strategies.

You’ll be gaining insight, understanding and knowledge of what makes you tick. Hopefully also comfort.

Available as an hour for £145 pounds, or a series of six hours for the price of 5, totalling £725.

I can’t promise it will be pleasant… but it will be valuable.

Sent out about four times a year, I do not share you info with third parties, you can unsubscribe at an time.