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Just to say a big thanks for the reading,it has helped enormously and so easy to read and understand. I have enjoyed reading and re-reading it! xx


The Mini Reading is £20.

It provides three short answers to three short questions. The questions can be about any topic at all, for example:

  • ‘Will my partner ever cheat on me?’
  • ‘Will I pass my job interview?’
  • ‘Which of my friends is telling the truth?’

...Anything at all - but keep it short. This reading works best for simple situations and yes/no questions.

(One question on its own is £10. Please submit within the form at the bottom of this page.)

The 30 Question Reading is £100.

Straighforward 30 questions. Ask as simple or as complex questions as you like.

The 15 Question Reading is also £100.

It includes a general reading, and then your 15 questions, which can cover any type of area or situation.

Please send all your questions together.

If you have a different number of questions or topics, that’s no problem. You can have any length or type of email reading - please get in touch and we can create your own bespoke reading.

What people say...

…You on the other hand hit the nail on the head and knew my true feelings. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart…

I am bit lost for words, actually, wow, thanks for your kind words and wisdom. I was a bit teary reading the bit about my dad, but was really happy receiving the message and from all other spirits. Thank you.

...you are an exceptional psychic and, more than that, a very special person who is a wise Old Soul!

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