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Inbaal in Mystic Challenge (UK Living 2000)
Inbaal in How to Find a Husband (UKTV Style 2005)
Inbaal on Big Brother’s Little Brother (Channel 4 2003)
Inbaal in The Salon (E4 2003)
Inbaal in The Grail Trail: In Pursuit of the Da Vinci Code (ITV 2005)
Inbaal in Christmas Tree: The Greatest Tree on Earth (Parthenon Entertainment 2006)
Inbaal in Hardeep Does Religion (Channel 4 2005)
Inbaal on ITN news- Healing David’ Beckham’s Foot (ITV 2002)
Inbaal in Most Haunted (UK Living 2004)
Inbaal in Psychic 5 (Unaired pilot teaser 2005)
Inbaal in Hocus Pocus Club (CurrentTV 2008)
Inbaal in Queens of Pop - Kate Bush (ARTE 2011)
Inbaal in Teensville - Teenage Witches (BBC Switch 2010)

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