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Media credits - Television

Psychic and Soul Sky 885

March 2009-Present

An interactive daily show answering questions and taking phone calls from viewers. As the most experienced interactive TV psychic in Britain, Inbaal performs as psychic presenter over 50 hours monthly.

Fred Investigates - Gonzo - MTV2

March-April 2009

Frederick Blood-Royale interviewed Inbaal and the beautiful Laura Daligan for a special segment about witchcraft - and one interview turned into two, and the girls were featured for two consecutive weeks.

Psychic Interactive/Astro Interactive/Psychic Zone/Good Morning Psychic/Late Night Psychic, Sky 886/152 (previously Sky 172/178/235)

March 2004-June2008

A team of psychic experts answer viewers’ questions in real time, live television. Inbaal is often presented as the Image Psychic and the relationship expert. These fully interactive daily shows have been extended from two to sixteen hours daily, proving their popularity beyond a reasonable doubt, and causing Inbaal’s fan-base to increase manyfold as a result.
On the late night version, Inbaal took on the role of presenter as well as psychic, and had them rolling in the isles at the ungodly hours of 3 and even 4am.
*Inbaal has appeared in all advert-runs for the show, both screen and print.

The Greatest Tree On Earth – Parthenon Entertainment (broadcast internationally)

Chrismas 2006

Filming across Europe, the United States and Japan, this hour-long feature traces the origins and customs of the Christmas tree. Reverend Paul Manual and Inbaal, being white witch provide intriguing and opposing views on the origins of the traditions we all practice year in year out.

Sally Gray’s How To Find a Husband – UKTV style (plus regular repeats on UKTV and various international channels)

September-December 2006

Inbaal helps a chirpy singleton find love, by telling her when it would happen, and which guy out of her bunch of admirers is right for her. The cameras still roll as prediction becomes, again and again, fact. (Contains extreme-close-up of Inbaal’s male kitty, Sol)

Most Haunted Live: Access All Areas – LIVINGtv 2

Midsummer 2006

Inbaal adds sparkle and sunshine to the usually gothic show, as she explains, in three minute-long clips, what Midsummer is all about, and quotes some kooky traditions from across the globe.

Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe – BBC Four

March 2006

Brooker, best-known for his now-defunct TV Go Home web site, had a go at the nature of Interactive telly, and psychics, which he is known to detest. A self-confessed rubbish presenter, he’s at least well-informed enough to use Inbaal as the public face of Psychic Media!

Evening News – Channel 10, Israel

Christmas 2005

The news team in Israel was delighted to find an Israeli White Witch to guide them through a report of Witchfest!


September 2005

Two teams were competing to win a free concert by Rooster in their front room, by filling in a rider of strange demands from the band. Rooster wanted a Guru in their green room, and so Inbaal was called in!

The Grail Trail – ITV (Granada)

September 2005

This ITV documentary about the Da Vinci Code featured psychologist Dr Raj Persaud; Leah Ganpatsingh, Philip Lindholm & Neil O’Neil; Lynn Picknett; Professor Ronald Hutton; Charles Nicholl; Father John Wauck; Nigel Bryant – all experts in their field, to explain the reality and the mystery of the story. Inbaal and friends were called upon, to show the experts what would really have happened at an Equinox ritual like the one described in the book.

Hardeep Does… Religion – Channel 4

September 2005

Glaswegian writer and comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli undertakes a wry personal investigation of some of today’s big bad issues in a five-part series. In the episode covering religion, he challenges all organized religion. Inbaal and friends introduce him to Pagan ritual and faith, and move him to say that it’s the only religion that he would consider.

Lounge Living – Sky 172

January 2005

The fast-paced chat show invited Inbaal to demonstrate photograph readings, where she explained why Brad Pitt would end up with Angelina Jolie, based on photos of them working together. Their first intimate paparazzi photos emerged only in April, one month after his wife, Jennifer Aniston, filed for divorce. Ms. Jolie maintains she had never been intimate with him during his marriage.

Housebusters, Channel 5

December 2004-January2005

This house makeover show took Inbaal on as its first Wiccan expert, to do-up houses alongside other spiritual experts specializing in Feng-Shui, Astrology etc.

Most Haunted Live at Easter: The Trail of the Witchfinder General - LIVINGtv

Easter 2004

Inbaal was invited on the show, which investigated the Essex witch trials, as an expert witch. She responded to silly questions such as ‘Are you evil?’ in good humour.

The Salon Hallowe’en Spa Special - E4.

October 2003

In a bikini….

Big Brother’s Little Brother - Channel 4 and E4

May-June-July 2003

Inbaal was part of the “Eviction Prediction” panel every Friday, set to predict who is to leave the house, using only her psychic ability. The show’s presenter, Dermot O’Leary, said several times that this was his favourite item of the week. (Contains appearance by Inbaal’s male kitty, Sol)

‘Healing David Beckham’s Foot’ - ITV News

June 2002

When David Beckham broke his foot, not long before the 2002 Football World Cup, ITV News recruited Inbaal to help heal his foot. The first game was won by England, two-nil.

Secrets Of The Paranormal (Hallowe’en special) - UK Horizons Channel

October 2001

In an hour-long Hallowe’en special covering mediumship - believers and sceptics, Inbaal was interviewed about seeing spirits. How it is done, what she actually sees, whether it is forbidden by some religions? Inbaal quoted from the Bible to demonstrate that King Saul of Israel went to a medium in order to talk to the spirit of the prophet Samuel. Snippets from the programme were shown all night during a live web-cast from a haunted house.

Kilroy: ‘I Talk To The Dead’ - BBC1

July 2001

Inbaal was interviewed by Kilroy alongside many mediums and even more sceptics. A healthy discussion ensued, covering hoaxes, success stories of several mediums, demonstrations and more. Mr Kilroy concluded that although he’s the biggest sceptic, he understands mediums are there to help people in their hour of need, and therefore supports them.

Mystic Challenge – LIVINGtv (Thames Television)

September-October 2000

Presented by Paul Ross, Inbaal was the youngest contestant on the show, which brought all manner of readers to be tested, by having to reveal details about unseen celebrity guests. She correctly branded Rowland Rivron an ‘evil interviewer’, described Celia Hammond’s two careers, in beauty and in animal rights, gave an accurate medical report on Eddie ‘The Eagle’ the ski jumper, and even amazed the crew who had no idea Playschool’s Toni Arthur was an archery champion!

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