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Media credits - Modelling

Psychic Interactive


screen and print adverts.

Psychic Zone on location


a larger than life 6 foot poster of Inbaal is used in national events as a backdrop to the psychic stage.

Bizarre magazine

November 2006

a full page colour photograph illustrating the Hallowe’en witchcraft article.

The Mail On Sunday

October 2005

illustrating an ‘expose’ style article about the dangers of phoning psychic lines, with a 2-page black and white image.

Witchcraft & Wicca magazine

October 2004

Front cover, as well as illustrating several articles in the magazine.

Phoenix Healing brochures

Autumn 2004

massages and treatments.

Witchcraft & Wicca magazine

May 2004

illustrating several articles in the magazine.

Witchfest advertising leaflets


Inbaal’s picture appeared on every registration form and every advertising flyer for Witchfest England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Belgium, and Witchfest International, numbering several thousands.


30 November 2003

Illustrating the French ‘France-Monde’ paper, for an article about Witchfest – ‘Le Matin des Sorcières’.

Witchcraft & Wicca Magazine

October 2003

Illustrating several articles in the magazine.

Prediction Magazine

July 2003

‘Dress Like a Goddess’ (pg20)

Mind Body & Spirit book-club catalogue

Early Summer 2003

Front cover.

Gail Hart Designs advert,


head-dresses and corsets.

The Wicca Handbook, VEGA


Lots of lovely romantic witch type pictures.

The Wicca Book Of Days, VEGA


Lots and lots of pictures as witch, priestess and Goddesses.

The Sunday Times Magazine

December 2002

‘Crystals At Dawn’

Neil Geddes-Ward

February 2002

Sitting for visionary artist Neil Geddes-Ward to inspire his ‘Winter Witch’ creation

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