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Media credits - Book and film

Advanced Psychic Development by Becky Walsh (O Books) pg 127-129

Inbaal contributed a week’s diary of a professional psychic to this unique psychic development book for those who want to go professional.

ISBN 1-8469-4062-1 BUY FROM AMAZON

Spirit&Destiny’s Soul Secrets, edited by Emily Anderson (Hay House publishing) pg 146-147

The UK’s top spiritual minds were asked to write a personal piece, and Inbaal’s is about beauty. Spell included!

ISBN 1-4019-1032-7 BUY FROM AMAZON

Hekate – Keys to the Crossroads, edited by Sorita D’Este (Avalonia Books) pg 65-66-67-68

A definitive compilation of facts and articles about the Goddess Hekate. Inbaal writes of her own personal experiences with her.

ISBN 1-905297-09-2 BUY FROM AMAZON

Becoming Magick by David Rankine (Mandrake of Oxford)

Inbaal receives thanks in the book for going over the Hebrew bits and offering her expertise.

ISBN 1-869928-81-4 BUY FROM AMAZON

Big Brother 4 Up Close and Personal by Jean Ritchie (4 Books) pg 77, 91, 125, 135, 148, 151, 157, 174, 186, 205, 221, 258

Inbaal contributed numerology analysis for each of the original housemates.

ISBN 0-7522-1521-3 BUY FROM AMAZON

The Wheelhouse – A short film by Sean Garland.

This adult fairytale, both a love story and a horror fable is suffused with mystical undertones. Inbaal receives thanks in the credits for her consultancy in all matters mystical.

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