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The Mystic Colour Chart

Amazing as it may seem, colours are not just around for beauty. In the animal kingdom, certain colours serve to attract the opposite sex; in plants - they can indicate poison or danger; when wearing certain colours, one's mood can change. We are so used to seeing the world in colours, and disregard them, other than perhaps our favourite, and least favourite colour. But how would life look without them? What feelings would a grey flower bring up? How appetising would colourless food be? Cosmetics, furnishings, even pets - how would we choose what we like best? How dull would it all seem?

Colours can symbolise feelings and intentions. A red flower means ‘I love'. A pink crib says ‘it's a girl!'. Grey suits are used for blending in the background. A bright yellow skirt makes us think of summer. Exciting, intriguing, empowering, colours are all that and more. Let's explore them in depth!

Red is the first of the rainbow colours. It evokes fiery feelings of passion, anger, zest. It reminds us of hot foods and weathers. When wearing red, we become bolder, more ‘over the top'. Shame and mildness diminish. Sex drive and power increase.

Orange relates to our creative and procreative energies. It allows laughter, originality and ideas to come through. It reduces shyness, writers' block, stagnation and boredom. When carrying an orange crystal, such as carnelian in your pocket, you can expect your mind to overflow with creative thoughts and inventions, and your body to be more sensitive to sensual stimuli.

Yellow is a happy colour. It's the colour of the sun, summer, daytime. It helps us overcome depression and worry. It puts us in a singing mood, ready for tall drinks by the swimming pool. Surround yourself with yellow for that eternal holiday feeling.

Green is the colour of balance, harmony, justice and fairness. It feels clean and neat - like medical uniforms and institutions. Those of us who need to put our lives in order, who could use common sense, who've had enough of clutter will do well to bring some green into their natural surrounding - or indeed go out to nature and seek it there!

Blue will help us when needing to communicate or to heal with our voice. When you feel like you mustn't speak out of turn, when your voice is suppressed, for a physical or an emotional reason, a blue room, blanket or sweater will help your voice unravel, and you'll feel happier to communicate. Use your words and sounds for healing, make people feel better and you'll lose the fear of sounding.

Purple is the last colour of the rainbow, and it connects psychism, mysticism and magic. Those who are interested in supernatural phenomenon, mysteries and the unknown often live within shades of mauve, indigo and violet. It's a colour that opens the channels between your consciousness, your sub-consciousness and the divine, and makes it easier for you to ‘just know' stuff. Not sure where your partner went last night? A purple crystal, such as amethyst under your pillow should do the trick.

Silver is a magical colour, similar to purple but for die-hard fans of all things mystical. It helps you travel between the worlds (literally be ‘away with the fairies') but there's no guarantee you'll be back.

White is the colour of purity and peace. Wear it to show you've got nothing to hide. At a time of confusion turn to it to promote clarity.

Black is most effective if needing to divert attention. It is your cloak of invisibility. It says ‘unoriginal and proud' which is why, like grey, it is a popular business-suit colour.

Brown , the colour of the ground represents just that, grounding, stability, fertility and money. Brown boots and belts come across as solid and honest. They help you feel strong and capable. Carry this colour to increase your chances of conception and easy childbirth.

All those colours, or shades thereof can influence you in all those ways. It's your decision, however, what energies you'd like to use, and what colours to use them through.

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