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Spirit Guides (a meditation from Inbaal’s HomeStudy course)

A lot of people use help 'from above' in order to work psychically. Get a friend to read out to you the following meditation, slowly and with gaps between sentences, especially when you need to communicate with your Spirit Guide.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and exhale completely. From now on, each in-breath will bring in happiness and light, and each out-breath will get rid of anger and sadness.
See roots growing from the soles of your feet, extending deeper and deeper into the ground, helping you feel safe and grounded.
The room around you fills with white mist, and as the mist recedes you see you are in a field of bright red poppies. They are tall and majestic, and you can sense their smell. The sun stands high, it is noon and rather hot.
Scanning the area around you, you notice a little white animal. It stands up from where it was sitting and comes to you. You immediately understand that the animal will lead you on your journey here, in your quest to meet your spiritual guide.
The animal walks away, and turns its head to look at you, signalling you to follow.
You walk behind your animal, enjoying the atmosphere, and it takes you to another field, of orange flowers. These flowers are low on the ground, and the heat has broken a bit. Notice the smells and feelings in this field. Your animal takes you to the edge of the field, where it meets with a sandy beach.
You're delighted to see the seaside! You're still feeling grounded and very very secure.
You walk on to the bright yellow sand. It is warm and inviting. You walk across it, noting the smells and feelings as you go – until you reach the water.
A slight breeze starts to blow, as you take off your shoes and dip your toes in the green water. The air is fresher now, and you can smell the sea.
A silver swing comes dangling from the clouds, so that you can sit on it to inspect the water. You gladly climb onto the swing, all the while feeling safe, and very very secure.
Your animal curls up for a snooze. The swing floats ahead, as the water turns blue, then so dark it's nearly purple. It is certainly chillier now.
You feel the swing being pulled up into the cloud from where it's dangling. Further and further up the swing goes, until you reach the actual top of the cloud.
Make sure you notice the scenery there. Are there animals? A stream? Trees? Snow? Desert? Take your time studying the scenery.
There's a door up ahead. What is it made of? Are there any markings on it? You walk up to the door and knock.
The figure who opens is your Spirit Guide. It might be someone you know and who died, it might be a figure from a story, or it might be someone you never met before. Don't worry if the features are fuzzy, they will get clearer in time.

Your Spirit Guide invites you in, and welcomes you to ask any questions.

When it is time to leave, your Spirit Guide takes you to the door, and gives you a gift. You give gratitude for the present, putting it inside your astral body, and say farewell, knowing that you can always come back to consult your Spirit Guide on any matter.

You go back to the swing, and let it lower you back over the sea, purple, blue and green, and gently you step off to the yellow sand. You put on your shoes, and your animal is awake and ready to take you back.
You both walk across the sand, across the orange field, and arrive back at the field of poppies, where you started. Evening has set, and you thank the animal as a white mist gathers again, obscuring anything from view. When the mist disperses, you're back in the room where you started, still feeling grounded and safe.

Shake your hand and stamp your feet to ground yourself further. Have something to eat.

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