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Psychic Healing

From Witchcraft & Wicca magazine

In the beginning, there was Tarot.

I’ve held a fascination with those magical bits of paper since the age of twenty, using them to tell me when a good night was looming ahead, when I needed to change jobs and when my first love was going to betray me. The Tarot never lied and, as such, became my best friend.
Three years hence, on the August bank holiday of ’97 at Carnival, I did my first paid readings. It was the first time that I’d read for strangers and I was amazed to find out new discoveries. The Fool really did come up for circus performers (I’d never met any before that weekend), the Hermit meant not only a person who was alone, but a person who liked being alone (I’d never met any before that weekend) and a fortune teller in a pub was an automatic sex symbol.
Three years passed again, as they do, and there I was, a professional reader.

Touring London with a psychic fayre, I soon realized that there was so much more for me to learn. I knew I had to develop my skills, and looked within for inspiration. One thing that I knew I could feel beyond what my cards told me was physical emotions. I could feel a person’s exhaustion really easily – when reading their Tarot, I could tell if they were tired, thirsty or had a headache. I asked for confirmation and was right every time.
Gathering courage, I started trying to spot period pains, toothache, sore eyes and seemed to maintain a high level of accuracy.

In one memorable occasion, I felt there was something wrong with a person’s chest. I sensed something didn’t feel quite right and mentioned it to her. Embarrassed, she informed me she’d recently ‘had her boobs done’.

That was just the start, and thanks to that I found my way to clairvoyance, mediumship and all their psychic friends.

If you’d like a few tips on how to do it yourself, pick up a pen and paper now.

Diagnosis – the blue ribbon

When sitting in front of someone you’re trying to ‘diagnose’, visualise a blue strip or ribbon and start drawing it around the person. Wrap it around the person’s feet, around their ankles and legs.
Wrap the imaginary ribbon around them tightly so that there are no gaps between each level and the next. Keep wrapping the person with the ribbon, so that in your mind’s eye they look like an Egyptian mummy, until you reach the crown of the head where you tie the ribbon up in a big knot.
A healthy, happy person will now be entirely wrapped with your ribbon, in your mind’s eye. You won’t be able to see their eyes, no hair peeking out, no fingers. That’s the initial preparation and now you’re ready to try and diagnose. Have a look – are there gaps in the ‘mummy’? Is there anywhere that the ribbon stays away from the person’s body? Those areas would be problem areas within the body of the person sitting in front of you. Describe what you’re seeing, and accept the feedback from your client.

Another way is to close your eyes and visualise colours on the person’s body.

Healing with auras

You’ll see their aura (no, really, you will). Different colours will swirl around the person, each representing an emotion, a physical feeling, something in their history.
Lots of yellow, for example, will show you a happy person. Brown may signify someone who’s earthy and physical. Green represents the heart and tells you of an emotional person that makes decisions with their heart, not their mind, and a grey presence will tell you the person in front of you is prone to depression.
The areas upon the body are meaningful, too. For example, if there’s a lot of yellow around the heart but grey around the throat, it might be a happy person who can’t express themselves and that would make them feel down. If there are vivid colours all around but no colour right on top of a person’s head, it would show a tendency towards depression. Relate each feeling or emotion to the body part you’re visualising it on, before you even approach the ‘medical’ aspect of it.
Now try to look for areas that have got red marks on them, which will be soreness, or purple bits, which are in the process of healing.

Some of you who are more naturally talented will find it easy just to quieten down, and focus on the person’s body psychically. Breathe into each organ within your own body, and while you’re attuned to their energy, you’ll be able to sense any ill health they might be suffering from. Either from top to bottom, or the opposite way, methodically explore their feet, ankles, calves etc. Report anything suspect you may sense, silly as it might seem. With practice, it becomes second nature and you’ll find yourself saying ‘take a Rennie’ to a friend who’s not yet confided their heartburn to you.

That’s a whole lot of excitement already, but that’s just the beginning.

What you want to do next, naturally, is help the person to feel better. Heal them, in fact.
I’m no doctor, and haven’t got a diploma which permits me to make such claims. I’m not a miracle worker either. What I do have is a stack of emails from people I’ve helped feel better, thanking me for their healing.
Seeing your clients getting better, reversing processes that started in their bodies thus healing them is entirely possible, and you don’t need diplomas written in oriental script to enable you to do that. Faith and an ability to visualise would be a good start. Keep up your winning score by using earth energy and not your own. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and draw strength through your feet from the ground below you.

Let’s go back to our blue mummy.
When you’ve seen the gaps in the ribbon, shut your eyes and work on closing those gaps in your mind’s eye. What you’re seeing are the gaps in the person’s aura, and if you ‘will’ those back together, you add to the person’s protections, making them stronger in the face of illness or attack. Force those back together until you can’t see anything other than our ribbon.

By the same token, use your powers of visualization and your strong faith to change the colours upon the client. Add healing purple to the sore red areas to start the healing process. Watch the purple marks shrink as you focus on them.

These are simple exercises, and just like I came up with my own way of healing, you can do it as well. Hold the belief that no one is meant to be unwell, and strive for balance in nature. If you practice a true love of all living creatures, this will be no effort at all.

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