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Get Ready for Winter with A Bit of Magic

From HighSpirit magazine

Here in the UK we didn’t have much of a summer.
Now the winter is closing in, we can all do with
a bit of magic to brighten up the season.
Whether the cold takes hold of you physically or mentally,
here are old and new spells to choose from
to help you through this time of hibernation.

Whether we like it or not, we’re on the verge of winter already.
As climate changes would have it, it’s the second year in a row of intemperate conditions in the UK, which meant that those of us who stayed home for summer didn’t see more than a few sunny days.
The first certain date of winter, Bonfire night, is just a few days away. Our cousins across the pond are getting their kitchens ready for Thanksgiving.
Out in the shops, people are already strolling around with long lists in their hands, their Yule shopping well underway. In colleges and universities, the first lot of exams is in full swing.
If you’re one of those students, cursing and swearing through your academic endeavours, here’s a spell that will help your focus and concentration.

Academic Success Spell
In order to do well and pass exams, you’ve got to be earthy, serious and responsible. Even if this isn’t an apt description of you, you can bring the earthiness into your schoolbag.
Take a walk in nature outside your college. Pick up anything ‘Earthy’ you can find. A small rock, a brown stick on the ground, even a leaf that’s fallen off a tree. Carry those in a special pocket in your bag. Having natural earth elements with you, in your learning environment, will help you connect with the common sense and logic of your study subjects.
Before entering an exam, dab some lavender oil on your wrist to help with your concentration. Sniff at it when you need an answer.

In academic circles, it may well be just a third of the way through the year, but for most of us, the end of the year is in sight and we look forward to our well-earned rest over Yule. Just a few more weeks before we’re allowed to put our feet up for a week, enjoy our families and not think of work.
To help you make it through those few weeks of hustle and bustle, and to take you by the hand when facing the fear of it head-on, here’s a simple way of making sure you can befriend the cold and darkness.

Spell for Uplifting your Spirits
Citrine stone
Yellow candle
Bergamot Oil

The ingredients of this spell are yellow, to replace the glow of the sun.
On its own, the citrine crystal is known as ‘the cuddle stone’, for its quality of making you feel better when you are down.
We’re going to enhance the positive qualities of this crystal by first creating a sacred space. Prepare for the spell around sunset, by rubbing bergamot oil into a yellow candle. Both ingredients promote positivity even when used separately. Together, their gift is much greater. Sprinkle three drops on the centre of the candle, and rub them upwards onto the wick. Then sprinkle four drops onto the centre and rub the bottom half of the candle. Place it securely in a holder and light it, breathing in the revitalizing citrus scent.
The anointed candle, and anywhere the scent can be picked up from, is now your sacred space.
Dab a dot of oil on your index finger, and rub it all over your crystal, with your eyes closed, visualising all the wonderful things that are coming towards you. See a holiday, if you’re about to take one. A new home, a lovely partner, whatever it takes to put a smile on your face, and then do it some more. The crystal is charged with positivity, and now you charged it with all the images that make you happy.
Carry that citrine with you in your handbag or pocket.

When you’re uplifted, you’re automatically more attractive to those around you. People find it easier to talk to you, to relate to you and to be intimate in your company. It’s the perfect time to scout for love if you’re single.
I wrote an original spell for you, to help you meet someone who’s also looking for a winter-mate, someone to cuddle under the duvet.

Someone to Hold To Spell
The scents of rose and jasmine are all you need to bring love in. They’re warming fragrances as well, and so perfect for a winter bath.
Fill your bath before bedtime, and ritually add 7 drops of rose oil and 7 drops of jasmine oil on the ‘head’ side of the bath.
When you get in the water, chant to yourself “Love will warm me, love will calm me” until you’re ready for bed.

Soon enough you’ll have someone to cuddle – but the perils of November are not gone yet.
Whether you or your new partner are struck down with one of the ailments of the season, here are a few methods my great grandma brought over from the tough plains of old USSR.

Traditional Charms for Coughs and Colds
* Two or three times a day, bring a pot of water to the boil, add three drops of eucalyptus oil, cover your head over the pot with a towel, and breathe deeply several times.
* Ginger, garlic and honey broth, drunk hot a few times a day, will chase off a cold.
* Rubbing your ears vigorously is said to bring your red nose back to its original colour, drawing the blood away from the centre of the face. What you do with two bright red ears is up to you.
* Slice a horseradish root and sniff its exposed flesh to ease the sniffles.
* Sleeping with sliced onion in your socks is said to help get rid of a cold.

Now that you’re secure, happy and healthy, you can enjoy the season for what it is. A chance to hibernate, gather your resources and re-evaluate your life. If there are things that you wanted to achieve by the end of the year, congratulate yourself for getting there.

Wishing you a joyous, warm November.

Inbaal can be contacted for readings on 075 0505 7040 or inbaal.com

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