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Festival of Peace

From Alternative London magazine

'On the side of the Vatican ', reveals Fairy Kwalilox, 'there is a plaque which says, in very small print, that the Mayan count is more precise and accurate than the calendar we use today'.

Despite my doubt as to the presence or absence of said plaque, the message is clear and true. The Gregorian calendar we use is flawed and inaccurate. The Mayan, however, has been used continuously (and successfully) for over 26 centuries.

It is a 13 moon calendar, comprised of 13 equal months of 28 days each, which brings us to 364 days yearly. The extra day to make up a Solar year, is 'A Day Out Of Time', and falls on the 25th of July.

Fairy Kwalilox, a colour therapist, crystal healer and performer, and her partner, a musician and 'ambassador of the psychedelic realms' enthusiastically explain that using the 13 moon calendar will bring a world of peace ('through culture', they elaborate). It sounds a bit mad. How can it possibly?

Sitting down to the facts, it actually starts to make sense.

Humans are the first race to create time keeping devices. Rather than using the sun and our own instinct to tell us when to sleep, eat or pretend to be doing the washing up, we look at our watches for lunch and at the calendar for harvest.

Our clocks are based on the numbers 12 (hours, months) and 60 (minutes), neither of which are natural numbers for mankind. The 13 moon calendar is based on the numbers 13 (major articulations in the body) and 20 (fingers and toes counted together). Anyone who menstruates knows how real 28 day months are.

So the 13 moon calendar is important, no doubt. Now add to that the Mayan prophecy that 2004 would witness an international change of calendar, and consider also the fact that the Ancient Mayan calendar only goes to midwinter of 2012 – and I accept that it would be good to be on the appropriate 'frequency' (which would be the result of following the 13 moon calendar) if the world changes dramatically.

Convinced the cause is important, I wish to lend my support and am welcomed with a barrage of information.

PAN (Planet Art Network) are facilitating the festival by the Greenwich meridian, on the banks of the river Thames . Due to the Millennium Dome's alleged problems with 'planning permission', the event is to be held in London 's only lighthouse with a 'Mini Dome' in the courtyard, overlooking the large one. From eleven in the morning till six the next morning, the Festival of Peace promises to be a pretty, fun and eventful Sunday, on the 25th of July, The Day Out Of Time.

The organizers, who use the 13 moon calendar regularly, are open to suggestions every step of the way for this family-friendly, outdoor (and indoor) community-minded event. However, of the special moments already booked, we know there will be a Hopi 'Boundary Dissolving Ceremony' at the start of the day, speakers and poets at the conference that follows, singers, dancers, artists… boredom is not an option.

A safe space for all, the event promises to be a no-alcohol, no-chemical affair, and invitations have been issued to the Pope, Nelson Mandela and that peace-loving Dalai Lama. None of them have yet responded, but if they do show up, and you don't, how bad would that be?

Messages of support have already been received, and stalls and entertainers booked. However, sponsors are needed, as well as more stalls and speakers. Any holistic product, any educational topics are sure to be considered.

All those of an 'alternative' persuasion will be warmly welcomed as themselves. Dressing-up is encouraged – dress as an elf if you are one. Pixies, trolls and fairies will feel at home amidst the cabaret characters and stilt-walkers.

Tickets are available from The Dream Temple in Camden 's Stables Market (in front of CyberDog), where you can pick up fliers and ask for more information. www.festivalofpeace.net and www.wavespell.net are constantly updated with information, and the phone line is 0207 068 0053. You are urged to get involved!

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