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Celebrate Your Love: Valentine’s Romance Spells

From HighSpirit magazine February2010

Valentine’s Day really divides the cynics.
Do you see it as a commercial day,
reason to buy cards and pink stuff,
or do you welcome the chance to have a date
specifically set aside to show your partner how much you care?
Whether single and searching or happily coupled up,
tere’s a love spell to suit your needs.

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day wasn’t invented by a heartless marketing executive. It’s a revival of an ancient fertility festival, practiced in Roman times on February 15th. The highlight of those Lupercalia rites was a nude run through the city of all the noble young boys, carrying strips of animal skin with which to whip the young ladies of the city. Being on the receiving end of a whip stroke was said to cure infertility and ease the pain of childbirth.

Spell to Bring in New Love:
For those of us staying indoors with a bottle of red and a bar of chocolate on Valentine’s day, don’t let the evening (and the new moon) go to waste.
Quietly cast a magical circle around the sofa, yourself and your wine, purifying it by visualising grey smoke inside it and clearing it away, to leave the air pure and clear around you.
Invite, in your mind’s eye, a new partner to join you in the circle. You may see his features or body; you may just feel his presence. Ask him to hurry and join you in real life soon.
Offer him some of your wine and chocolate, and see if you can enjoy a conversation with him.
When he’s ready to leave, take down your circle, and await his arrival in your life, with the same certainty you expect the sun to come up in the morning.

When we are in love, our defences are down. We’re more sensitive to our partner and more receptive to everything that comes from the other person – be it praise or criticism.
For the most part, the partner can do no wrong in our eyes – we’re in love! Even unfair criticism can sound genuine and heartfelt to our loving ears. When you enjoy a rare moment of love-sobriety, you’ll hopefully gather enough strength to get rid of anyone who makes you feel unduly guilty or unhappy. But what of the other sort?
Our over-sensitivity can mean that the most innocent comment may hit a nerve and we spend the first year of the relationship shot to ribbons for no reason, possibly even putting off our loved one with neediness and clingy behaviour.
Keeping calm and allowing our brains to keep working normally throughout the relationship will go a long way towards keeping you two together.
So many relationships break up for silly, irrelevant reasons. Here’s how you don’t become one of those.

Spells to Improve the Love You Have:
Valentine’s day 2010 will be on a dark-moon Sunday, the perfect time for new beginnings, so if you’d like to change your behaviour, or positively influence your partner’s behaviour, brew the following concoction in a small, dark bottle. Start with a thimbleful of a carrier oil, such as almond oil, and add three drops of three of the following oils (three is a wonderful number for love, and indeed fertility. It’s a cosy, maternal number that will make you both feel welcome and heard in the relationship.)
Jasmine or rose oil for love.
Ylang ylang or cinnamon oil for passion.
Lavender or gardenia oil for peace.
You can choose both oils in one category if you feel you need more of a specific element.
Shake the bottle vigorously three times, and wait for your opportunity to strike…
When you are with your partner, wet your finger lightly with the potion and touch your partner in three places you’d like to improve. Touch his ear if you’d like him to listen more. Dab near his mouth if you’d like more communication. The temple, if you feel he could be more thoughtful. The lower back, if a backbone is needed to stand up to his mum. Only three places, mind!
For equality’s sake, wet your finger again and touch yourself in three places you’d like to improve. Your heart, if you want to be more stable. Your leg, if you want to conquer the urge to cut and run. Your base chakra, if you want to be more responsive to his physical advances.
Use the rest of the liquid as massage oil on the night, bath oil or just sprinkle it on your pillows. Bury any leftovers, still in the bottle, near some flowers.

Sometimes circumstances pull you and your perfect love apart.
Creating a spell to bring someone specific to you is an ethical grey area but if you know that someone else has come between you unjustly or if you have information that the other person wants to be with you but you’re not sure how to make it possible, use the following spell with caution.

If You Want to Bring a Lover Back:
Many ancient love spells involve apples, the fruit of love. Two halves of the apple represent the two of you – two halves of the one whole.
Choose a fairly warm day, when you’re happy and positive and feel like love is around.
Cut an apple in half, and affix a photo of yourself to the one half, and a photo of your errant partner on the other. Stick the apple back together as it was before – use sewing pins or toothpicks.
Bake the apple on low heat for just 20 minutes or so, all the time visualising yourself and your beloved hugging each other.
When you’re done baking and daydreaming, wrap a red ribbon around your creation, and state ‘out of free will, and for the good of all’, so that you don’t force anyone to do your bidding. If it’s right, he’ll soon be back.

I wish you a warm, love filled month!

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