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Psychic Coaching and Mentoring


Is it time for you to invest in your holistic business?

I have been working in the psychic field since 1997, and training new readers since 2001.

In this time I have built, scaled and sustained a super successful business. This has been my full time job, without a break, for over 20 years!

I’ve appeared extensively in the media, and have built a client list of thousands of repeat customers.

My knowledge of the field is second to none, and if you want to start a holistic business, scale your existing business or reach success you could only dream of - I can help!

For those of you who already have some working knowledge of the Tarot and have developed your psychic abilities, but need the extra push, and a few more tricks and tips to get you started on your professional psychic path - I’m happy to share my knowledge and experience with you.

Book a single half hour call to get your confidence up, or a course of monthly calls to support you through your first year in business.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your holistic business, you can have me firmly on your side!

My bookable services are:

* A mentoring call, by phone or video, to work on a specific item in your readings. Be it your confidence, or the ability to predict time scales - I can help you nail it!

30 minutes = £70

60 minutes = £135

* One month’s coaching

Including 2 calls of 1 hour each, and support by email and messages throughout the month. I’ll help you set up the business, check your Social Media feeds and guide you in approaching your ideal client.

1 month = £250

* 3 months’ coaching and mentoring

Including 2 calls per month, of one hour each, and support by email and messages throughout the three months. I’ll help you develop a Social Media strategy, build up your client base and teach you to approach blogs, podcasts and secure collaborations.

3 months value (6 calls) = £700


3 months professional (13 calls) - make it a weekly call instead of every other week, and invest £1500 in total.

* Six months of full psychic business coaching and mentoring!

All inclusive mentoring - the biggest package.

Let me mentor you, from the very first steps of setting up your holistic business, and till you’ve got a thriving private practice.

My six month package includes:
- A weekly 60 minute mentoring call.
- I check your website and social media for changes and recommendations.
- Regular support by email or message whenever you need me.

And, available with this package only, a few amazing freebies:
- A 30 minute Tarot reading with me at the start of the process.
- A personalized sigil for good luck for your business.
- Another 30 minute Tarot reading when we finish your process.
- A new sigil to say goodbye and help you along your path without me!
- And a copy of my Tarot course… because why not!

The whole ultimate six months (26 calls) comes at a total investment of £2800 pounds. (Or pay £111 weekly)


Turn it into a value offer of £1500 by opting for an hour’s call every other week (13 calls) instead of every week.

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