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…you told me I might move on in my work, well Ive just got promoted, same job but more duties and a pay rise. Im called a document management officer. Im not a manager but you told me it might be in management and you were more or less correct. Thank you!…

Marylebone Hotel July 2018

Depending on your location, I’m happy to come to your home, or meet near mine, for an in depth hour long reading.

During this hour, we’ll start with a general reading, and go over your current situation. We’ll look into your love life, your career, your family and health, your future - and then we’ll get some questions answered. We can look at the year ahead month-by-month, and we can also ‘spy’ on other people, or figure out which way forward is best for you.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any question at all - what have you got to lose? I’ve answered all sorts of weird and wonderful questions, some of them I didn’t even know I could answer myself!

An hour’s reading at your home or venue starts from £200. I’m happy to record it for you, for an extra £5. Please get in touch for a quote - the further I have to travel, the more I have to charge.

If you need a shorter or a longer reading, or would like to book for a few friends together, it’s no problem at all - your bespoke reading experience will be tailored to your specifications.

Ask me about a booking

What people say...

…I wanted to give you some feedback on the previous reading I had from you on 14 March 2002. Firstly regarding a friendship that I had with a gentleman living in Florida, you advised me that this would end in May, because he was not as strong as me in enduring the problems as regards distance etc. and that also for him it was an adventure, not so romantically inclined. You then advised me that we would see one another once more after that and that I would be going overseas at Christmas time. You were correct. He stopped returning my calls un late April and so by May I realised that he had wanted us to finish. I wrote to him in June and August for an explanation but no reply. I had come to the realisation that it was over but I could not get over this feeling of unfinished business. Later in the year in October we learned that my grandfather was going to be spending Christmas in Florida , so my mother and me decided to go to Florida for a family Christmas. And up till that point I had absolutely no intention of going abroad let alone for Christmas. But this was an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone so once again you were right. I of course got the opportunity to meet up with my friend and ask him why he dumped our friendship and as well as him saying he has been hurt before etc. he stated that I had scared him off by the contents of my letters in so much that he realised that I was falling for him in a big way and he did not want to hurt me as he did not feel the same way and did not see how we could carry on a friendship with the two of us in different countries. We got a lot of things resolved and hopefully this time things will be different. You also advised me that I would be getting pregnant or broody, well two weeks after your reading my best friend rang to announce that she was pregnant which was completely out of the blue. I must admit I did get broody while spending time with Howard in Florida. You also advised that heart problems and high blood pressure run through the family, I have since found out that the main cause of death in my fathers side is from heart problems and my mothers side is high blood pressure. All this plus the yoyo that you could sense which I then pulled from my handbag quite clearly shows that you are a genuine reader with a high accuracy rate and a lot of integrity. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial.

Just wanted to send you a quick personal not to say that you were absolutely brilliant today. Whether Sally was happy with the result or not is as important as the fact that you were so spot on!!! It was great to watch. You exude charisma and really took control of the situation. Really fantastic work. You have a true talent and gift; and are a funny, warm and friendly person.Thanks for today…

…I just wanted to say thank you for the reading last night. You laid to rest many questions I have had for a long time…

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