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We all thought the tarot reader, Inbaal, was completely amazing.

You Magazine (The Mail on Sunday)
Marylebone Hotel July 2018

Depending on your location, I’m happy to come to your home, or meet near mine, for an in depth hour long reading.

During this hour, we’ll start with a general reading, and go over your current situation. We’ll look into your love life, your career, your family and health, your future - and then we’ll get some questions answered. We can look at the year ahead month-by-month, and we can also ‘spy’ on other people, or figure out which way forward is best for you.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any question at all - what have you got to lose? I’ve answered all sorts of weird and wonderful questions, some of them I didn’t even know I could answer myself!

An hour’s reading starts from £180. I’m happy to record it onto a CD for an extra £5. Please get in touch for a quote - the further I have to travel, the more I have to charge.

If you need a shorter or a longer reading, or would like to book for a few friends together, it’s no problem at all - your bespoke reading experience will be tailored to your specifications.

Ask me about a booking

What people say...

…I just wanted to say thank you for the reading last night. You laid to rest many questions I have had for a long time…

…Your reading for me has been all coming true so far…you did say I would be going away on my own this summer (something I thought Id never do) and Im flying out to New Zealand in 3 weeks…

…I had my first reading from Inbaal last April and she told me my granddad (who was in hospital) would pass away in four months, and that I should visit him all I could etc. She asked if it was cancer, but that wasnt the reason he was in hospital at that time. So, Inbaal was quite shocked when I said it wasnt cancer. Anyway, a few weeks later he was diagnosed with cancer, and he did passed away 4 months later - exactly. It was obviously very sad news to receive, but it gave me the opportunity to tell him I loved him and say goodbye properly, which I am grateful for as I would have missed this because I was actually out of the country when he did pass away… …Its really nice to have a reading from someone that is with the times, and that understands what its like living in the 2000s!… younger people who are into readings/stars etc. will definitely feel mare comfortable having a reading from you…

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