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Face to face reading

…I am feeling much more grounded and not as flighty and insecure since your reading. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and healing…

Marylebone Hotel July 2018

Depending on your location, I’m happy to come to your home, or meet near mine, for an in depth hour long reading.

During this hour, we’ll start with a general reading, and go over your current situation. We’ll look into your love life, your career, your family and health, your future - and then we’ll get some questions answered. We can look at the year ahead month-by-month, and we can also ‘spy’ on other people, or figure out which way forward is best for you.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any question at all - what have you got to lose? I’ve answered all sorts of weird and wonderful questions, some of them I didn’t even know I could answer myself!

An hour’s reading starts from £180. I’m happy to record it onto a CD for an extra £5. Please get in touch for a quote - the further I have to travel, the more I have to charge.

If you need a shorter or a longer reading, or would like to book for a few friends together, it’s no problem at all - your bespoke reading experience will be tailored to your specifications.

Ask me about a booking

What people say...

…I can read Tarot cards myself, but your skill is amazing…

We went off one by one giggling, but as each person came back I could tell they were impressed and even a little shaken by what theyve been told…When we talked about our experiences afterwards we were all impressed. My friend Sarah was very excited about a new man shed met but the reading had gently questioned it. She had a disastrous date with him soon after but realised he wasnt the man for her and felt relieved. She since said that everything has been happening as predicted. So now Im keeping my fingers crossed that mine will come true too.

Here’s Health magazine

…Everything you told us is pretty much spot on…

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