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France-Monde paper- Nov2003
Sunday Times magazine 1- Dec2001
Sunday Times magazine 2- Dec2001
Sunday Times magazine 3- Dec2001
Sunday Times magazine 4- Dec2001
Sunday Times magazine 5- Dec2001
Witchcraft&Wicca cover- Winter2004-05
Gail Hart publicity postcard
Phoenix Healing brochures
Alex Vagner advert
Modelling for Painting - Winter Witch by Neil Geddes Ward
Goddess - Fetish Club fliers
Witchfest 2005 flier
Psychic Interactive advert
Woman’s Own magazine- Oct2006
Wicca Handbook - Vega 01
Psychic Interactive website
Psychic Interactive flier
With top medium Graham Dare
Wicca Handbook - Vega 09
Wicca Handbook - Vega 08
Wicca Handbook - Vega 07
Wicca Handbook - Vega 06
Wicca Handbook - Vega 05

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