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What does balance mean to you?

From HighSpirit magazine March 2009

Very soon, we’ll be getting to the date
when daylight will overtake night time.
The Spring Equinox, when night and day
are in perfect balance, will bring the onset of summer.
With the balance of light and dark,
we’re offered a chance to balance ourselves.

Most Wiccans get very excited by our Fire Festivals like Samhain and Beltane, the special holidays that are very spooky and witchy and magical. Me, I’m a big geek. I love the Quarter Days: the Solstices and the Equinoxes. I will not call them the Lesser Sabbats, as for me, they are nature, they are Wicca.
Being a city girl and having been brought up in flats, sowing and harvesting mean little to me. But sun and moon mean everything. I’m yet to see a sunrise more colourful, more beautiful than the sunrises I saw as a sleepless teenager from my old bedroom window in my parents’ home.
I feel the shortest day and the longest day of the year in my skin and my nerves. The Equinoxes are even more special to me, as there are two of them.
For ancient cultures, sun and summer meant life, whereas winter was death, so you can see how excited the people of the old world would get over the time when we officially pass from the dark half of the year and into the light!

Traditions of Equinox
Equinox traditions are a little mixed up with Easter traditions, starting with the name. The word Easter is derived from the name of the Goddess of Dawn, Eostre, which is the Wiccan name for the Vernal Equinox.
Hares are Eostre’s beloved animals, and there are many different seasonal myths which involve a hare laying eggs – hence the Easter Bunny and eggs common in Easter folklore.
Some say that the Spring Equinox is the only day you can balance an egg on its point, the narrow end – I say, give it a try!

And with balance in mind, let’s have a look at what we can magically balance in our own lives:

Spell for balancing finances
You’ll need a tiger’s eye crystal, preferably flat or square, not pebble shaped, which you will cleanse before the day of your spell by burying it in the ground for 24 hours so that it releases any previous magical or emotional deposits into the ground under the watchful eyes of the sun and of the moon.
With a pen or a marker (or nail varnish, my favourite) draw symbols for the sun and moon on opposite sides of the stone. The sun symbol is a circle with a dot in the middle, and the moon symbol is the outline of a crescent, though if you’re happier with other drawings to represent those celestial beings, just go with what feels right.
On any Saturday of your choice, hold the crystal with both your hands, in a prayer position. Your right hand will touch its solar side and the left hand the lunar.
Take a deep, cleansing breath and as you exhale, feel all negativity and worries about your financial status dissipating, disappearing. Visualise the feeling of balance and calm running from your heart and brain, through your shoulders, arms and hands into the crystal.
Leave the newly charged stone on your window-sill for 24 hours, allowing it to get charged again by the sun and the moon.

Of course, with the economy being as it is, finances are a worry but our emotions take a bit of a battering even in normal day-to-day life, with our boss being rude to us, a friend forgetting to be sensitive, and our hormones in a rage (yes, boys, you have hormones too!). It’s not always easy to keep your balance…

Spell for Balancing Emotions
Even though it’s a great Equinox exercise, any day will do for this, as long as you settle yourself into it just before sunset, so you get to explore yourself at the time of light and of dark.
In a calm place, where you will not be disturbed, light some incense, (sandalwood is great for balancing) take a seat by the light of one candle and breathe slowly and comfortably. With every in-breath, think of a quality in yourself and with every out breath, decide if you want to keep it or lose it.
In your head, it will sound something like:
“Happiness – keep, laziness – lose, anger – lose, friendliness – keep…” and so on.
The longer you do it, the more qualities you’ll mention, some you never knew you had, and when you’re ready to finish, you’ll have accepted all the positive elements in yourself and will have decided to let go of anything you don’t like.
Notice anything interesting about your dreams that night!

With your emotions in check, let’s balance one last topical element – the family unit. That’s quite an undertaking, I know, but let’s make it as simple as possible, and if your family members are into this magic stuff, get them to try this one out. It is easy and straightforward, a perfect beginners’ spell.

Mothering Sunday Spell for family happiness
Gather several ribbons in different (matching) colours, each representing a member of your family who you want to be on good terms with. All the ribbons have to be the same length, about your arm’s length will do.
You only need to put aside a few minutes for this one, so make sure you pick a quiet time, preferably after a shower or a bath when you smell nice and your head is cleared of worries.
Tie all the ribbons together with one knot in the end, and rest the knot between two of your toes. Start plaiting the ribbons together, whilst chanting: ‘My family is tight, my family is might!’.
When your creation is complete, use it to wrap around a bouquet of flowers for your mum, or around a vase.

Enjoy your spring!

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