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Micro-waved Magic

From Alternative London Magazine

Proving magic works is hard. If you don't believe, it won't, and if you do believe, it might. And even this rule has exceptions. So proving ready-made spell-kits work should be harder still. I thought it would be a good idea to try, though.
Three people are about to try three love spells from three different companies.

From Tribal Moon we got a spell box bursting with ingredients and instructions. Richard, a 35 year old scientist, single for one year, picked that one. As he went through the package, separating wrapping fluff from candle, incense, feather, talisman, charcoal, bell, pouch and paper scroll and spell, he seemed pleased with the presentation, outside and in, and with the fact it was aimed at complete beginners. He said it was informative, easy to understand, and ‘not rocket science'. ‘There's a fair bit to do, but nothing impossible', said Richard, adding he would try with an open mind and belief.

Natasha, at Arlya Designs supplied us with her hand-made love spell. Alena, a witch of 30 who's been single for two years, picked it for the rustic packaging. Her first reaction was ‘Whoa…'. It contained poppets filled with magical herbs, which Alena felt might be a tad powerful, and with the chant, candle, incense and ribbon in the pack, it seemed aimed at people who already tried magic, but was still basic, primal and earthy. The instructions tell you how to reinforce an existing relationship or find a partner, and you're supposed to make a list of all the qualities you'd like your new partner to have. Being an experienced witch, Alena noted the instructions were ambiguous and vague for a beginner, and no timing for the spell was specified, but she said she feels comfortable doing it.

My spell came from Mooncrafte . At the age of 29, I feel being single for 3 months is plenty long enough, and although my spell's presentation was slightly tacky, it was perfect for me, being a Piscean with a Cinderella complex. It contained a heart shaped box with roses on top, a matching candle holder (available in peach or red!), incense, rose water, jasmine oil, herbs, tiny crystals, faery dust and the obligatory tea light.
It was all dinky and girly and ever so pretty, and the actual spell was to take no time at all. I loved it! The only thing that could be better was the labelling, but I'm happy to assume rose water is clear and jasmine oil is yellow. With it I got a spell jar necklace, with magical ingredients, to wear at any time. I'm very excited about it and feel it would be great fun to try.

As none of the spell kits indicated the right time to do them, we decided to act on the Friday (day of Venus) nearest the full moon. That is the basis for my experiment. For results, wait for the next issue!

‘A Magic Spell To Attract Love', £13.99, www.tribalmoon.co.uk
‘Love Spell', £8.99, www.arlyadesigns.co.uk
‘Love Spell Kit in peach with Faery Dust', £13, ‘Spell Jar Necklace' £5, www.mooncrafte.co.uk

My spell worked. It so did. I performed it, then had to spend three days with my insufferable ex, thus realising that a middle-aged unemployed soap-dodger is not my knight… Then, for several weeks, luscious blonds kept throwing themselves in my path. Eventually, someone I'd known for months declared his love to me.
Richard, our scientist, nearly burned his house down following the instructions on his spell-box. He feels it didn't work for him.
Lovely Alena suffered zero male attention for several weeks after performing her spell. In her words, it was the magic being worked. She had defined her desired partner exactly, and no-one else would do. She is now in a relationship which is right for her and makes her happy.

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