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From Psychic to Witch

From HighSpirit magazine

Are witches evil? Do they
worship Satan? Of course not!
For me, designing spells and
creating the future, is a natural
step up from my life-long occupation
of predicting the future.

Looking back now, I realize I’ve always been psychic. Even as a child, in a small town in 1970s Israel, I could always answer any question accurately, however bizarre, foreign or remote. My nearest and dearest, and myself, just put it down to me being very clever. My parents back in the Middle East have never heard of psychics, let alone believe such things existed outside fairy tales, and so when I knew things other kids didn’t, they were delighted that their little girl was so intelligent. I went along with their understanding of it. What did I know? I was just a kid!
Psychic children advance rapidly, whether they know they’re psychic or not, and aged three, I was kindergarten champion at memory games. I could match those pairs of cards when they were lying face down, seeing in my mind’s eye what the picture on the other side would be. Around the same age I started reading and used to read out loud to the other children, which at least gave other kids a chance to win at memory games.

I was 20 before I understood that not everyone could do what I did. By then I could speak 8 languages, had aced my final exams at school (which I finished a year earlier than my peers) and had two years of military service behind me. I was backpacking in Greece, where a good friend called Sylvia, 15 years my senior, used to read Tarot in her spare time. Watching her read, I did what I’ve always done, and picked it up almost immediately. If she was surprised at that, she didn’t show it, but something told me that I had crossed a line. Picking up languages and excelling at school could be put down to IQ. Doing psychic Tarot readings simply couldn’t.
Once, we were sitting together in her kitchen, hiding from the sizzling summer sun, drinking coffee and messing around with her cards. We both saw a dark haired man from overseas, who wanted to talk to me. When we described it to one another, we clearly had the same vision. Just then, my dad called from overseas.
From then on, I was never without my Tarot. I’d read for whoever let me, and sometimes for people I read about in papers and magazines. I grew and improved and learned from experience, until a few years later, in the Notting Hill Carnival of 1997, I started reading professionally.

Foretelling the future was great, but when I sat with clients, poring over their problems, I always felt it was my responsibility to advise them on how to leave those troubles behind them. I was never a wishy-washy psychic. If I could see a cheating husband, I’d make no bones about telling the person in front of me. If I picked up that they were unhappy with their careers, or were surrounded by gossipy colleagues, I’d communicate my findings to them. Rarely would I catch anyone by surprise. I discovered that betrayed spouses often have a sense that something is up. I wanted to help and would channel advice from my Tarot cards; trying out spells seemed like the most natural way to go forward, and so I started learning from whatever books were available at the time. There weren’t many. I travelled around London with a psychic fayre, and never hid my witchy links. I know that some of the other psychics dabbled with magic as well, but they were secretive about it. I can only assume they were scared by people’s perception of witches. In fact, journalists always ask me about bad experiences and prejudice, but I never have anything juicy to tell them. I had not one bad experience with the general public. In fact, one day I had a lovely email, which showed me I was on the right path. A lady I’d met six weeks previously, whose reading focused on her career and who I could sense was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, wrote “When I came to see you a few weeks ago you helped me with the stress and tension I was feeling by casting a spell to keep me safe and I have been feeling much better and handling difficult things easily since”.

That was all the encouragement I needed to take my magic more seriously. I became active in the witchy scene in London, leading rituals and training new witches.
In that loving environment, there was no room for curses and hexes. Witches don’t even believe in a Devil. Three years ago, a spell from a friend even found a lovely husband for me!
Love spells are still popular, but nowadays spells are mostly healing, empowerment, and helping people fulfil their true potential. Anything that makes this world a happier place is fine by me.

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