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Be Your Own Witch At Hallowe’en

From HighSpirit magazine

Pumpkins and trick-or-treating?
What are the real traditions of Hallowe’en?
Pick and choose your own Hallowe’en spells
from a selection of golden oldies
or brand spanking new ones
created specially for High Spirit readers!

So many people see Hallowe’en as an American holiday, a kiddie festival, brought over to the UK through second-rate TV shows and an ill-advised series of horror films.
Who would have guessed, that it’s actually one of the real Celtic festivals, having come to America with the Irish immigrants, and originating in these isles well before Christian times? Back then, it was called Samhain (pronounced Sowaine), and this is what Witches still call it today.
Samhain stands for ‘summer’s wane’, the end of summer, and the Celts saw it as the end of the year, the time of decline and demise.
Many Hallowe’en traditions have their root in the Celtic festival. Though there’s no reason to avoid creating your own, new traditions!

Being the end of the year, and the time of darkness and seasonal affective disorders, it’s a great time to let go of negativity.

Letting Go Of Negativity Spell
Obsidian stone
Black candle
White candle
Sage smudge stick
Not too far from sundown, set yourself some quiet time on your own, and light a black candle, for banishing emotions. With a cleansed obsidian crystal in hand, bring up your most negative emotions; jealousy, anger, envy, hatred. See the faces of those who make you feel those sentiments. Feel your blood boil and the negativity bubbling within you. One by one, the crystal will absorb those feelings. Push the emotions through your hand into the obsidian (needless to say, it’ll need cleansing again afterwards!)
When you feel you have let go of all these emotions, blow the candle out abruptly and light the white candle instead, for cleansing. Using the white candle’s flame, light the smudge stick, and cleanse all your surroundings with the smoke of the burning sage. Feel uplifted, light, and free from negativity. Clap your hands, move your limbs about and sing. Accept yourself lovingly and happily, as a renewed person, filled with strength and generosity of spirit.

That’s dealt with your own negativity, but what about other people’s?
Samhain was also a traditional time for divination, which is a great way to catch a liar or a cheat.
Here’s a spell I put together especially for you, designed to bring secrets and lies out in the open. Remember! Your own secrets could make their way into the light as well, so make sure you’re pure and honest.

Secrets and Lies Exposed Spell
Surround yourself with white musk fragrance or incense. In a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, hold a picture of the person you suspect of lying in front of you. (A camera phone picture is fine but divert your calls to voicemail so that no one calls you mid-spell!)
Relax your mind, and visualise the two of you sitting together, white flowers and feathers around and between you, and in your mind’s eye ask a direct question. Receive the answer from the other person – you can keep the conversation going for as long as you like.
Over the next few days, wait for signs and omens that will bring the truth to light, right under your nose. Ignore the signs at your peril!

Now you know who not to trust… but do you know who will be your one true love forever?
Thankfully, the witches of yore had tried-and-tested ways of finding that out. With apples!

Traditional Samhain Love Spells with Apples
* Apple bobbing is an old Celtic tradition. The person to catch the first apple on Samhain, is thought to be the next to marry.
* If you peel an apple into one long unbroken peel and throw it over your shoulder, it’ll land in the shape of your true love’s initial.
* Peel an apple in front of a candle-lit mirror, and the face of your future spouse will peek over your shoulder!

That’s great for the future, but we can’t forget those who have gone before us, those to whom Samhain is really dedicated. Make your own contact with your dearly departed with this original spell.

Spell for Dreams from Loved Ones
The night between October 31st and November 1st is considered the time when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. Therefore, it’s a great time to communicate with those who have gone before us. One of the loveliest ways to do it is by asking for a dream where your beloved grandparent, pet or partner comes to visit.
To do that, when you are ready for bed, light a single tea-light in a secure container by your bed. Dab a spot of frankincense oil in the centre of your forehead, on your third eye. This will increase your psychic perception. In the light of your candle, and with all other lights off, bring the face of your loved one to mind. See them as if they’re sitting with you in the bedroom.
Chant a few times ‘On this night of Hallwe’en, visit me when the veil is thin’. Go to sleep with the face of your loved one still in mind, and enjoy your dreams, which are sure to include messages from them.

… Though if you’re suffering with nightmares, it’s best to close your third eye and try to get a good night’s sleep with this spell…

Good Sleep Spell
Just before bedtime, fill a bath or a sink with warm water and a handful of lavender flowers. Wait for them to infuse, and when the whole place smells of lavender, take deep breaths and have a nice soak in the bath or a thorough splash from the sink.
Visualise yourself in a large field, filled with lavenders and lotuses, geraniums and roses, and breathe in the relaxing, refreshing aroma.
When you’re lying in bed, visualise an open white lotus flower in the centre of your forehead, on your third eye. Close your eyes and see the flower closing its petals slowly and firmly, safe in the knowledge that you can open it again whenever you choose.
Enjoy your well-earned rest.

Witches love Hallowe’en, because it helps us connect with our glorious past. We’re not selfish, though, and we’re happy for the whole world to join us.

Happy Samhain!

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