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What people say...

'I dont know where I would be without you guys at Psychic Interactive. You have helped since the programme started 3 years ago,when I was depressed... Thanks for being my guardian angel Inbaal, you're like a daughter to me you will always be special to me'

2/8/2007 J.C

A telephone reading is perfect for you if you enjoy the comfort of your own home, but would still like a personal reading with a friendly voice on the other end.


If you've never had a phone reading before, you might want to write down some questions or topics you'd like to discuss, beforehand.

You can focus on questions, such as:

* 'Will he come back?'

* 'Should I launch my business this year?'

* 'Is my partner honest with me?'


You can choose to ask about topics, such as:

* Romance

* Career

* Health

* Fertility

* Future

* Family

...anything that comes to mind really!

Or you can simply have a general reading and then go with the flow.


The reading itself will be informative, detailed and relaxed. You should feel as if you're talking to an old friend.

There is no pressure on you to reveal anything at all - you're welcome to sit silent the whole reading if you like. But it flows better in the form of a conversation.


Phone readings are available most evenings - but it's best to book in advance as spaces do fill up.

If you need a longer or a shorter reading, it's no problem - just let me know what suits you best.

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