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What people say...

’Hi Inbaal, I had an email reading with you a little while back and one of the things you did was to reassure me that all the signs I was seeing pointing to my ex **** did mean something. I just wanted to let you know that the signs did indeed lead to something and now I am in contact again with **** after he texted me this week. Thanks again for all your help and for reassuring me that I should trust my intuition and wasn’t going crazy!’

11/8/2006 W.

The Mini Reading is £10.

It provides three short answers to three short questions.

The questions can be about any topic at all, for example:

'Will my partner ever cheat on me?'

'Will I pass my job interview?'

'Which of my friends is telling the truth?'

...Anything at all - but keep it short. This reading works best for simple situations and yes/no questions.

(One question on its own is £5. Please submit within the form at the bottom of this page.)


The 30 Question Reading is £50.

Straighforward 30 questions. Ask as simple or as complex questions as you like.


The 15 Question Reading is also £50.

It includes a general reading, and then your 15 questions, which can cover any type of area or situation.


Please send all your questions together.


If you have a different number of questions or topics, that's no problem. You can have any length or type of email reading - please get in touch and we can create your own bespoke reading.

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