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The Goddess Hekate

From Hekate: Keys to the Crossroads by Avalonia Books

Having been a solitary witch for several years, when I finally found teachers I was willing to learn from, I asked no questions. If I’m honest, I’ve never really looked for a group to join. Having started out... Continue reading

Midsummer 2004

From Alternative London Magazine

At 00:56, this June 21st, the Sun will again stand still, balancing in perfect harmony the time of increasing light (the waxing year) and decreasing light (waning). Solstice, the name for the shortest night and longest day, is Latin. 'Sol', meaning sun, and '... Continue reading

So do you tell Bad Stuff?

From Witchcraft & Wicca magazine

About twelve years ago, in my first year of giving psychic readings, I sat with my friend Tara (not her real name) on the carpet of her cosy flat. Surrounded by coffee, cookies and fortune telling cards, we had a psychic peek... Continue reading

Spirit Guides (a meditation from Inbaal’s HomeStudy course)

A lot of people use help 'from above' in order to work psychically. Get a friend to read out to you the following meditation, slowly and with gaps between sentences, especially when you need to communicate with your Spirit Guide. Close your... Continue reading

From Psychic to Witch

From HighSpirit magazine

Are witches evil? Do they worship Satan? Of course not! For me, designing spells and creating the future, is a natural step up from my life-long occupation of predicting the future. Looking back now, I realize I’ve always been psychic.... Continue reading

Be Your Own Witch At Hallowe’en

From HighSpirit magazine

Pumpkins and trick-or-treating? What are the real traditions of Hallowe’en? Pick and choose your own Hallowe’en spells from a selection of golden oldies or brand spanking new ones created specially for High Spirit readers! So many people see... Continue reading

Whose New Year is this anyway?

From High Spirit Jan 2009

With so many different annual calendars, Solar, Lunar, Astrological and the like, it’s easy to dismiss the Gregorian New Year as having scant spiritual meaning. What’s so special about January the 1st? As a multi-cultural person, I celebrate... Continue reading

Get Ready for Winter with A Bit of Magic

From HighSpirit magazine

Here in the UK we didn’t have much of a summer. Now the winter is closing in, we can all do with a bit of magic to brighten up the season. Whether the cold takes hold of you physically or... Continue reading

What do Witches do at Christmas?

From HighSpirit magazine

For me, Yuletide is a very exciting time. I come from a country with no Christmas and the gathering of families and exchange of gifts is as fantastic to me as it would be to a child. But where did those traditions... Continue reading

Out with the old, In with the new… Imbolc

From HighSpirit magazine

This month, you’ll notice the first shoots springing from the ground. Crocuses and snowdrops peek bravely through the frost. Nature awakens and prepares for spring. Now is the time to join nature in spells for beginnings. …So what&rsquo... Continue reading

What does balance mean to you?

From HighSpirit magazine March 2009

Very soon, we’ll be getting to the date when daylight will overtake night time. The Spring Equinox, when night and day are in perfect balance, will bring the onset of summer. With the balance of light and dark, we&rsquo... Continue reading

Celebrate Your Love: Valentine’s Romance Spells

From HighSpirit magazine February2010

Valentine’s Day really divides the cynics. Do you see it as a commercial day, reason to buy cards and pink stuff, or do you welcome the chance to have a date specifically set aside to show your partner how much... Continue reading