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Festival of Peace

From Alternative London magazine

'On the side of the Vatican ', reveals Fairy Kwalilox, 'there is a plaque which says, in very small print, that the Mayan count is more precise and accurate than the calendar we use today'. Despite my doubt as to the presence or... Continue reading

Interview with a Wiccan High Priestess

From Alternative London Magazine

Feast your eyes on Sorita a first time, and you're struck by her dimples and long limbs, her exotic beauty. Feast them again, having heard she's a Wiccan High Priestess, a lecturer on witchcraft and the occult and a full-time... Continue reading

What is Druidry?

From Alternative London Magazine

What do Druids believe in?” I asked Matt McCabe, spokesperson for the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. There's no easy answer, it seems. It's hard for all Druids to agree. There's no written book of rules, you... Continue reading

Atlantis Bookshop

From Alternative London Magazine

Cosy and welcoming, with a clear front window and an open plan display, allowing passers-by to see every inch of the shop, Atlantis is a far cry from how the oldest occult shop in London should look. ‘We wanted it to... Continue reading

What is Astrology?

Astrology, simply explained, is the study of the skies. From time immemorial man watched the sky at night - before light pollution and light entertainment. One can safely assume it was early man's very first hobby. And when you watch the... Continue reading

The Mystic Colour Chart

Amazing as it may seem, colours are not just around for beauty. In the animal kingdom, certain colours serve to attract the opposite sex; in plants - they can indicate poison or danger; when wearing certain colours, one's mood can change.... Continue reading

Witch for Wedding

From Alternative London Magazine

…So you think you've got everything ready for your wedding, do you? The flowers, the ice sculpture, the dress, the embarrassing aunt, the Witch… The Witch?! Welcome to the now! Witches, once fearful lonely persons hiding from persecution, are... Continue reading

What is Tarot?

In one way, the Tarot is a selection of seventy-eight pictures on equal sized pieces of paper. It is also, however, a wonderful tool for divination, enabling us to tap into the future, helping us to make decisions, and to find out... Continue reading

Micro-waved Magic

From Alternative London Magazine

Proving magic works is hard. If you don't believe, it won't, and if you do believe, it might. And even this rule has exceptions. So proving ready-made spell-kits work should be harder still. I thought it would be a good... Continue reading

Alternative Yuletide

From Alternative London Magazine

Another Christmas is nearly upon us. We are tempted to ignore the traditional way of celebrating it and coming over all alternative. But how? Here's your guide to how the ancients did it, long before baby Jesus was ever born. The... Continue reading

Witchcraft in the Media

From Witchcraft & Wicca magazine

In her wonderful book ‘Diary of a Witch’ Sybil Leek, the original celebrity astrologer and witch, says “Before I left England, the British Broadcasting Corporation did a special programme based on my life and ended it with me standing... Continue reading

Psychic Healing

From Witchcraft & Wicca magazine

In the beginning, there was Tarot. I’ve held a fascination with those magical bits of paper since the age of twenty, using them to tell me when a good night was looming ahead, when I needed to change jobs and... Continue reading