Inbaal Psychic


26th February 2009 - Spectrum FM
Paul Breen Turner, now working on this English language, Southern Spain station, remembered Inbaal from their time together on talkSPORT and invited her on his drivetime show to cast an Astrological chart for Lexi, the newborn daughter of Rory Leader (owner of Estepona Golf).

7th September 2008 - Play Radio UK
When discussing alternative lifestyles, the team on this Sunday show intrviewed Inbaal for a solid half hour, asking for her views on legislation on psychics and about Wicca, and had her answer a question from a listener regarding astral projection.
18th October 2007 – Galaz (Israel's premier current affairs radio), The World Tonight.
Inbaal was the 'and finally' item in this international news programme, which covers the day's current affairs. She talked about being a TV psychic in Britain, and correctly describing the presenter, whom she never met.

November 2006 – Radio Children
Honor, who is eight years old, wants to interview a real witch. Her wish comes true when she meets and interviews Inbaal about Hallowe’en.

28 October 2006 – BBC Radio 1Xtra, Ayesha’s Weekend Wake Up Call
The presenter wants to be able to cast a spell, and Inbaal takes her through the basics.

27 October 2006 – LBC Radio, The Psychic Show
Becky Walsh interviews Inbaal about Hallowe’en.

3 March 2006 – LBC Radio, The Psychic Show
Psychic Becky Walsh and skeptic Chris Hawkins try to get to the bottom of text readings. Can they really work? Inbaal contributes her opinion as a veteran of the technique.

November 2005-March 2006 – talkSPORT radio, every Thursday on The Game drive-time show
This alpha male show, presented by bad boys Rodney Marsh and Paul Breen Turner, called on Inbaal to know what the stars held for various sports personalities, and hosted her as their resident Astrologer. Many a sports fan were converted to believing in the stars after this show. This is where she gained her unfortunate nickname, ‘The Naked Astrologer’.

24 November – BBC Radio1, Dani Robinson’s One Click Comedy
In an hour dedicated to Harry Potter, comedian Dani decides to learn witchcraft, and is taught just that by Inbaal and a friend. In a ritual in Regent’s Park he asks for healing for his cold, and his perma-blocked nose clears up.

6 November 2005 – Radio 4, The Sunday Show
Explaining Witchcraft and Witchfest on this religious Sunday show.

4 November 2005 – Time FM (SE London)
Talking about the traditions of Hallowe’en.

1 November 2005 – LBC radio with Iain Lee
On the show nearest Hallowe’en, Mr. Lee inquired ‘Are Witches Sexy?’ The show called Inbaal for an answer.

5 September 2005 – Radio 4, Questions and Answers programme
Dispelling some myths about the witch’s familiar. The cat voice is Inbaal’s female kitty, Stella.

21 June 2004 - BBC Radio London
Inbaal was interviewed on the popular drive-time show regarding the Summer Solstice.

8 November 2003 - LBC radio, reporting live from Witchfest UK.
When asked whether they’re all flying around on broomsticks over there, she swiftly replied they’re all very modern, and have been flying around on Dysons for decades.

1 August 2003
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson praised Inbaal's Tarot readings on her Friday show.

20 June 2002 - BBC Radio London
Inbaal was interviewed on the radio when England got to the semi-finals in the 2002 Football World Cup, to predict whether the team would make it to the finals. Inbaal knew the team would lose the next morning, so instead of sharing her de-moralising prediction she encouraged fans to support the England team as much as they could.

9 September 2000 - LBC Radio, Mike Allen’s Psychic Side-Kicks
After ‘Mystic Challenge’ Inbaal was invited to participate in Mike Allen’s popular long-running Saturday night show. She did a 40-minute phone-in, with people calling with their questions, and astounded them with her insightful answers. Subjects discussed covered love, jobs and health, and all the callers were very pleased with the accuracy of her replies.

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