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Newspaper/Magazine Reviews

February 2005 – As Elle magazine's Astrologer, Inbaal's take on the fashion of star signs is asked, and 'which hair suits which sign' is the question on everybody's lips!

December 2004 – Psychic Interactive online magazine – 'Interview with Inbaal', enquiring about her gifts and talents, no-nonsense attitude and favorite pastimes.

Winter 2004 – The Sunshine Magazine – 'Heaven at Home'. An article dedicated to pamper parties in a magazine for busy new mums. "Tarot card reader Inbaal was the oracle of answers, which is why she was featured on last year's Big Brother's Little Brother probably!

November 2004 – Here's Health magazine – '3 Women… Three Ways to Relax' (p41/42/43). An article about women's pastimes that help them stay grounded, exploring Inbaal's attitude to her Pagan religion, and ways to get involved.

12 th November 204 – Croydon Advertiser – 'Wicca's world comes to town' (p16). A review of Witchfest 2004. "Inbaal, a 30-year-old Wiccan witch living in the Addington area, said: 'The (Christian) protest was very peaceful, although a megaphone was used which was not very good manners. They tried to approach me with fliers and probably thought they were doing a good thing."

October 2004 – Witchcraft and Wicca magazine – 'Interview with Inbaal' (p36/37). Enquiring about people's attitudes towards witches, the plights of media life, and her personal love of the Wiccan religion.

29 th October 2004 – Croydon Advertiser – 'Well-behaved witches are welcome, says Fairfield ' (p10), Jen Bishop. As Christians oppose the Witchfest conference, the papers investigate and pitch Inbaal head-to-head with reverend David Taylor of Croham Baptist Church , South Croydon . "The witch quoted in last week's Advertiser promotes witchcraft as 'a very gentle religion about self-empowerment and celebrating nature', but we believe this is at best a delusion and at worst an outright deception……Inbaal, a Wiccan witch living in the Addington area, told the Advertiser last week: 'People have nothing to fear from witchcraft'.

22 nd October 2004 – Caterham and District Advertiser – 'It's time again for the witches to fly' (p10), Jen Bishop. As Witchfest approaches, Croydon's papers prepare for the onslaught, and interview Inbaal as its Media Officer. "Inbaal, a Wiccan witch living in the Addington area, said:' People have nothing to fear from witchcraft. It's a very gentle religion about self empowerment and celebrating nature. Now Witchfest has got more famous, there's the danger this year that something will happen again, like when the street preachers came over. But I have a really good feeling that everything's going to run really smoothly. We've had a lot of fun organizing it this year"

August/September 2004 – Black Hair – 'Trend Prediction' (p124), Petsa Kaffens. An editorial featuring Inbaal's website, and her predictions for Serena Williams' venture into fashion.

1 August 2004 – News of the World / Big Brother pull-out - 'Wham Bam Thank You Mam' (pg8) Inbaal had a whole page, doing… boob readings for the remaining housemates. "Inbaal studies pictures of the BB girls' boobs – and Jason's man-breasts – and lays bare their innermost secrets."

12 June 2004 – The Daily Mail / 'Weekend' Saturday supplement – 'Can't Get Through The Week Without' (p3). "Predict the future with a Tarot card reading by psychic Inbaal."

June 2004 – Here's Health magazine – 'Can You Really See Into Your Future?' (p50). Four readers were put to the test, and Inbaal, as usual, came up trumps. "I left the reading feeling buoyant, and a few of the question marks hanging over my head had definitely been removed. Inbaal is so friendly, I was completely at ease, and the sitting confirmed that my life was going in the right direction. I've been in a great mood ever since."

April 2004 - Here's Health - ‘Therapy Parties' (pg48), Lisa Howells. An article about Heaven@Home pamper parties, featuring a typically lovely picture of Inbaal reading the tarot cards. “… the other plus for me was the tarot reader, Inbaal…. what I was really after was a tarot reading. We went off one by one giggling, but as each person came back I could tell they were impressed and even a little shaken by what they've been told…When we talked about our experiences afterwards we were all impressed. My friend Sarah was very excited about a new man she'd met but the reading had gently questioned it. She had a disastrous date with him soon after but realised he wasn't the man for her and felt relieved. She since said that everything has been happening as predicted. So now I ‘m keeping my fingers crossed that mine will come true too.”

March 2004 – Akademya, a leading Russian magazine (Cosmo style) – 'White Crow' (pg176), Olga Pachaevka. A six-page interview with Inbaal regarding the Witchcraft movement, including two photographs. "During the noisy celebration of witch festival, among colourful crowd I have met a young, mischievous and full of vitality lady. Her name in translation from Hebrew means - bell: Inbaal, 29. Witch and priestess from London is telling how she discovered Wicca tradition and what she has learned after being initiated into ancient witchcraft".

December 2003 - Cosmopolitan Magazine - ‘What Do You Believe In' (pg80), Toby Moore. Four pages exploring the concept of spirituality seekers. “Her guru is…Inbaal…Inbaal regularly reads Alice 's Tarot, but for Alice her time with Inbaal represents so much more”

December 2003 - The Illustrated London News - ‘Belief / Witches in the Home Office' (pg13), Toby Moore. “Inbaal is now so hot that she employs a publicist…She reckons Inbaal will soon be a household name.”

30 November 2003 - You Magazine (The Mail on Sunday) - ‘The New Girl Network' (pg59), Sarah Stacey. Covering a Heaven@Home spa party. “We all thought the tarot reader, Inbaal, was completely amazing.”

14 November 2003 - Croydon Advertiser - ‘Preachers from US try to stop witch festival' (pg6), Jen Bishop.

31 October 2003 - Croydon Advertiser - ‘5,000 witches and wizards will fly into town for pagan festival' (pg3), Jen Bishop. Inbaal's first ever page three!

26 October 2003 - Daily Star Sunday - ‘It's a Kind of Magic' (pg2 of Take5), Loma-Ann Bonner. A Hallowe'en special, regarding readings and spells by modern witches. Inbaal was central to the page size article.

October 2003 - Family Life (Toys'R'Us magazine) - ‘Guardian Angels' (pg 127), Claire Wyburn. An article about Heaven@Home and their pamper parties. “So, what's Nadine's verdict on the Tarot session? ‘I was amazed at how much Inbaal knew about me from so little information. She has helped me decide on my future and where I'll be spiritually and economically happiest.' Meanwhile, divorced Julie returns to the living room glowing with excitement over the possibility of romance by the end of the year.”

September 2003 – Harpers&Queen / 100 Best Parties supplement - Number One Best Party of the Year (pg3) – Alex James and Clare Neate's Wedding. "X-factor: How many do you need? There was Morris dancing, a white witch and, later on, a giant wicker man was burnt. There was the DJ, one Norman Cook. Alex, Damian Hirst, Damon Albarn and Keith Allen preformed an impromptu dance around the maypole. And it was all captured by wedding photographers Rankin and Sam Taylor-Wood."

September 2003 - Woman&Home Magazine - ‘My Life in Their Hands' (pg62), Elaine Kingett. The journalist had readings from four people, and concluded that Inbaal's was the only one worth its salt. “Her assessment of me was spot on and down to earth…It was an empowering experience…I would definitely go again.”

15 July 2003 - The Daily Mirror - ‘Beyond Belief' (pg30), Emma Bannister. A full-page article covering Inbaal's talents. She was put to the test, and successfully passed - assessing her subject accurately.

February 2003 - Ham&High / Wood&Vale covering a psychic fayre

April 2002 - Birmingham Post covering The Party And Hallowe'en Show at the NEC

December 2001 - The Sunday Times Magazine, the Christmas issue!

August 2001 - Eastbourne Gazette covering the Herstmonceux Mediaeval Festival

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