Inbaal Psychic


2005-2006-2007 – Psychic Interactive screen and print adverts.

2005-2006-2007 – Psychic Zone on location – a larger than life 6 foot poster of Inbaal is used in national events as a backdrop to the psychic stage.

November 2006 – Bizarre magazine – a full page colour photograph illustrating the Hallowe’en witchcraft article.

October 2005 – The Mail On Sunday – illustrating an ‘expose’ style article about the dangers of phoning psychic lines, with a 2-page black and white image.

October 2004 – Witchcraft & Wicca magazine – Front cover, as well as illustrating several articles in the magazine.

Autumn 2004 – Phoenix Healing brochures, massages and treatments.

May 2004 – Witchcraft & Wicca magazine - illustrating several articles in the magazine.

2004 - Witchfest advertising leaflets - Inbaal's picture appeared on every registration form and every advertising flyer for Witchfest England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Belgium, and Witchfest International, numbering several thousands.

30 November 2003 – Illustrating the French 'France-Monde' paper, for an article about Witchfest – 'Le Matin des Sorcières'.

October 2003 - Witchcraft & Wicca Magazine - Illustrating several articles in the magazine.

July 2003 - Prediction Magazine - ‘Dress Like a Goddess’ (pg20)

Early Summer 2003 - Mind Body & Spirit book-club catalogue - Front cover.

2003 - Gail Hart Designs advert, head-dresses and corsets.

2003 - The Wicca Handbook, VEGA - Lots of lovely romantic witch type pictures.

2003 - The Wicca Book Of Days, VEGA - Lots and lots of pictures as witch, priestess and Goddesses.

December 2002 - The Sunday Times Magazine, ‘Crystals At Dawn’

February 2002 – Sitting for visionary artist Neil Geddes-Ward to inspire his 'Winter Witch' creation

Media credits