Inbaal Psychic

Book and film

Advanced Psychic Development by Becky Walsh (O Books) pg 127-129 - Inbaal contributed a week's diary of a professional psychic to this unique psychic development book for those who want to go professional.
ISBN 1-8469-4062-1 BUY FROM AMAZON

Spirit&Destiny’s Soul Secrets, edited by Emily Anderson (Hay House publishing) pg 146-147 – The UK’s top spiritual minds were asked to write a personal piece, and Inbaal’s is about beauty. Spell included!
ISBN 1-4019-1032-7 BUY FROM AMAZON

Hekate – Keys to the Crossroads, edited by Sorita D’Este (Avalonia Books) pg 65-66-67-68 – A definitive compilation of facts and articles about the Goddess Hekate. Inbaal writes of her own personal experiences with her.
ISBN 1-905297-09-2 BUY FROM AMAZON

Becoming Magick by David Rankine (Mandrake of Oxford) – Inbaal receives thanks in the book for going over the Hebrew bits and offering her expertise.
ISBN 1-869928-81-4 BUY FROM AMAZON

Big Brother 4 Up Close and Personal by Jean Ritchie (4 Books) pg 77, 91, 125, 135, 148, 151, 157, 174, 186, 205, 221, 258 - Inbaal contributed numerology analysis for each of the original housemates.
ISBN 0-7522-1521-3 BUY FROM AMAZON

The Wheelhouse – A short film by Sean Garland. This adult fairytale, both a love story and a horror fable is suffused with mystical undertones. Inbaal receives thanks in the credits for her consultancy in all matters mystical.

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