Inbaal Psychic


How different would your life be if you were a little bit more psychic? Think about it...

Imagine living life knowing, that with every step, you've made the right choice. Imagine getting confirmation that you're on the right track. Imagine having the confidence to make big life decisions, and not doubting yourself.

This is no mad dream. By developing your psychic ability and getting to know the Tarot cards, you could achieve just that.

Home study course

The Tarot and Psychic Development course has started out as a face-to-face course back in 2000, taking in new students 3-4 times a year for about 5 years. Some of the original courses' graduates are now professional psychics themselves!

The notes and handouts from the original course are now available, with tons of added material, as a Home Study course.

There are six lessons. Each one takes at least two weeks to complete, and is about thirty pages long.

The full course costs £100.

While you're on the course, you can email for support and get in touch to ask questions as often as you like.

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